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Sweet Fusion – Dinner Lady Tuck Shop E Liquid


The best fusion of ingredient to produce the tastiest e juice you’ve ever inhaled must come from the sweetest fruits. A medley of the best berries, melons and many other fruits guarantees you’ll taste the sweetest vapor that represents nature’s delicious treasures blended together in a hazy union. This is what you’ll be tasting when you fill your tank with Sweet Fusion e liquid. Sweet Fusion is the vape form of one of the most popular fruity candies ever created. We know a complex mixture of multiple fruits seems like the creators may have just thrown together a random fruity concoction. However, one pull of this vapor and you’ll know the recipe for the finished product is 100% intentional. An expert level of craftsmanship went into the brewing of Sweet Fusion e liquid. While we don’t know which specific fruits were used or the amounts of juices from whichever fruits, we don’t question the makers’ process because we know their results, and so will you once you fill your tank and take your first pull. You’ll get a plethora of sweet and tart fruity flavors that bounce around in your mouth, invoking feelings of curiosity. Then, they come together to produce a heightened state of happiness as they all go down smoothly into your lungs. As you exhale the vapor from Sweet Fusion you’ll taste the distinct candy flavor that doesn’t require any chewing or sucking to obtain. While this e juice may mimic the flavor of the famous fruity candy, it surpasses it in convenience through its superior medium of vape. Keep the flavor you love in a better form through Sweet Fusion e liquid.

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