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If you go crazy for citrus flavor, then your dream e juice has finally arrived. Not only is it one of, if not the, best citrus vape liquids on the market, it combines the sensational flavor of lemon citrus with tasty candy flavor to make a superb citrus experience. Lemon Sherbets e liquid is the perfected product to satisfy your lust for lemon candy. The first inhale will send a wave of citrus tannins to flood your palate with a sour, fruity sensation. You’ll get the crisp notes of sweet and tangy lemon as they land on your taste buds, lifting your spirits and your smile higher and higher as you continue to taste this delectable vapor. You’ll begin to dance a sour-inspired spiral as you bask in the lemon haze emitting from Lemon Sherbets e liquid. The sour notes aren’t too harsh to roughly hit your throat. It’s the perfect blend of the tangy tannins found in natural lemons with an additional sweetness. The citrus mist will fill your lungs and continue your journey of invigoration. You’ can pass over the sour candy, energy drinks or even the midday coffee to give you an extra boost. The awakening vapor from Lemon Sherbets e liquid will be all you need to keep fighting the good fight, and doing so with a smile on your face. As you exhale you’ll notice the soft presence of the flavor that brings the additional notes of sweetness you’ve been tasting all along. A smooth candy taste will fill your mouth as the mist exits and stay with you until your next pull. However, since it may be sooner than you think, we suggest you stock up on a few bottles of Lemon Sherbets e liquid while they still last.

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Candy

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