HONEYPUFF Organic Hemp Wraps Premium Rolling Paper Spun Sugar

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  • [Organic wrap]: Made from natural herbaceous fibers and high quality pure hemp. No toxic fertilizers are used in the processing, chemical and preservative free. There are 12 packs in a box, each pack contains two hemp wraps and two hemp tips.These hemp tips are also made from natural unbleached hemp paper.
  • [High quality]: Our hemp wraps are all made in dust free workshop which can ensure hygiene and the premium material can also make sure the highest quality. Just enjoy your handmade roll even more with our premium rolling papers!
  • [10 different flavors]: The hemp wraps have great variety of selection which can cater to your mood at any time. The most popular flavors available are strawberry, blueberry, mango, spun sugar, green apple, citrus, grape, vanilla, honey, cherry.
  • [Slow-burning]: Slow-burning and incredibly smooth. Our Paper wraps are made from renewable pure hemp fibers which can help them combust stably.
  • [Easy to roll]: No need to split, lick, or roll ever again, just pack and enjoy. These natural pure hemp wraps all for your convenience. Devoted to make your rolling life even better.

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