HIGH HEMP Organic Blunt Wraps 100mm - Dutch cream

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Sweet and delightful Dutch Cream High Hemp wraps are a dream come true for those who like a little flavor boost with their smoke sessions. But honestly, they’re even more perfect for those attempting to move away from tobacco in their blunt routines. The organic hemp used by High Hemp wraps is a premium quality, smooth burning, amazingly flavored, healthier alternative to tobacco. At 100mm, High Hemp organic wraps are ideal for solo toke sessions, but the fact that they come two to a pack means it’s easy to roll more than one for circle sessions amongst friends. The creamy vanilla flavor brings these High Hemp wraps to life while simultaneously bringing people together over the sacred experience of rolling and toking.

  • Paper Length: 100mm
  • Filter Length: 20.4mm
  • Flavor: Dutch Cream
  • Paper Type: 100% Organic Hemp , Tobacco Free , GMO Free , Vegan
  • Count: 2 Wraps & 2 Filters/Pouch

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