HIGH HEMP Organic Blunt Wraps 100mm - Area 51 Green

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These delectable new High Hemp organic blunt wraps are a must have for your smoking accessories display. Not only are they 100% tobacco and nicotine-free but they’re also perfectly flavored to burn slowly with the taste of fresh green apples. As the cannabis community moves away from tobacco blunt wraps, options such as these Area 51 Green High Hemp wraps are a top notch healthy alternative to offer in your store. Plus, at 100mm long, they’re the ideal blunt wrap size for heady solo sessions or shared smoking circles.

  • Paper Length: 100mm
  • Filter Length: 20.4mm
  • Flavor: Area 51 Green
  • Paper Type: 100% Organic Hemp , Tobacco Free , GMO Free , Vegan
  • Count: 2 Wraps & 2 Filters/Pouch

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