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Sure, all apples are delicious from their shared notes of crispness and tasty, natural sugar. But green apples are for the seekers of all things sour and they have now been enhanced by the combination of candy flavor and concentrated into a one-of-a-kind vape juice. This unique marvel of modern vape innovation stands out among all the other apple e juices. It provides an electric flavor to zap your taste buds with an invigorating burst of sour and then sweetens the experience with the best candy flavor any vapor could ever provide. Apple Sours e liquid is the go-to vape juice for those who want their sour fix with a side of sweet, and want it ready to go, whenever they feel like indulging in its colossal creation of amazing apple candy flavor. Inhale Apple Sours e liquid and let the tart tannins of green apple tease your tongue, instantly giving you an extra boost of energy to make it through the midday slump. The genius behind the craftsmanship is embedding the sour flavor in the naturally tangy juices from green apple, as to not taste overbearing or artificial. As the mist travels into your lungs and you have a full inhale you’ll feel as if you’re standing in the middle of the most abundant orchard with the brightest and juiciest green apples on Earth. Enjoy and then exhale, where you’ll taste the sharp notes of sweet candy flavor to perfectly complement and enrich your sour apple sensation. The vapor goes away but the candy flavor remains to be savored on your lips with 

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